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Make a financial pledge to buy local and choose one of three rewards

including a VISA Debit Reward Card. 

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Discover how the VISA Debit Reward Card works

We’re showcasing local, independent businesses in your neighbourhood where you can use your Support Local BC prepaid VISA Debit Reward Card to make a purchase.

Announcing the Support Local VISA Debit Reward Card

We are thrilled to be offering our Support Local prepaid VISA reward card program! Choose this as a reward when you pledge to support local businesses in our province. You can then use your VISA prepaid card to pay for purchases at any of the participating businesses in BC.

Deliver a secure, flexible digital payment option to your staff, volunteers or clients

The Support Local Visa Reward card program allows businesses and organizations to reward, incentivize, and provide funds to their recipients as a digital debit card.

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