Announcing our new Support Local VISA

We are thrilled to offer our Support Local prepaid Loyalty and Disbursement VISA programs for businesses, where your recipients can get fast, secure access to their funds, with payment options they can use online for purchases or in any our retail communities.


Use your VISA Prepaid card to pay for purchases at any of the 1,800 participating businesses in BC.

The Support Local BC prepaid Visa debit card is accepted at a growing number of locally-owned businesses in BC.

British Columbians love local businesses!

Discover local, independent businesses in your neighbourhood
where you can use your Support Local BC prepaid Visa debit card
when you make a purchase.

Deliver secure, flexible digital payment choice to your membership.

The Support Local Visa program allows businesses and organizations to reward, incentivize, and disburse funds in your recipient’s choice of classic prepaid card or a digital card.

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