19 Amazing Free Stock Image Websites for BC Businesses

Social Media February 15, 2023

19 Amazing Free Stock Image Websites for BC Businesses

Discover 19 Amazing Free Stock Image Websites to Elevate Your Content, inspired by Digital Main Street.


Creating captivating content often requires eye-catching visuals, and while original content is ideal, stock images can be a valuable resource, especially if your creative game needs a boost. However, be cautious when sourcing images from random websites or search engines to avoid any legal issues. Our advice? Steer clear of those risks.

📸 Note: It’s essential to double-check the licensing for each stock photo resource mentioned below. Although the details are provided, licensing terms can change, and it may vary depending on the stock photographers or libraries you choose. Some resources might require approval for commercial use, while others are entirely free to download and utilize.


Here are 19 websites offering free stock photography for commercial use:

  1. Burst by Shopify: A beautiful collection of industry-specific stock photos designed with e-commerce in mind. Easily searchable and free for commercial use
  2. Unsplash: A vast library of high-resolution, royalty-free images with thousands of new photos added daily. Perfect for any creative project.
  3. Gratisography: Stand out with offbeat and high-contrast photography. New high-resolution photos added weekly, all available for commercial use.
  4. Life of Pix: True-to-life, high-resolution stock photos across various categories. Look out for the weekly addition of 10 photos by a hand-selected “Photographer of the Week.” Copyright-free for commercial use, but check distribution restrictions.
  5. Startup Stock: Ideal for startups, bloggers, designers, and developers. Find beautiful, high-resolution images centered around tech-related themes. Royalty-free for commercial use.
  6. Pexels: A massive collection of artistic stock images, with over 3,000 new photos added monthly. Perfect for personal or commercial use, covering nature, abstract, and technology photography.
  7. Magdeleine: Easily sort photos based on dominant colors, category, tags, and more. Provides beautiful, high-contrast photographs free for commercial use with proper attribution.
  8. Jay Mantri: Explore an archive of breathtaking landscape, ocean, and city photography. Enjoy royalty-free images for commercial use.
  9. Stock Snap: Browse hundreds of high-resolution stock photos, with powerful search options based on date, popularity, views, downloads, and favorites. Completely free for commercial use.
  10. Picography: One of the top sources for gorgeous, high-resolution free photos. Offers hundreds of lifestyle photographs available for commercial use across various categories.
  11. Free Nature Stock: Curated, high-quality nature stock photos with regular additions. All images are free for commercial use, with or without attribution.
  12. Pixabay: A vast collection of over 1.3 million stock photos, illustrations, vector graphics, and videos. Free for commercial use, making it ideal for advertisers.
  13. FoodiesFeed: With over 900 food-related stock photos, this resource is perfect for any food-focused website. Offers extremely high-quality images that are royalty-free and free for commercial use.
  14. Bucketlistly: Explore over 5,000 travel stock photos from various countries worldwide
  15. Cupcake: Landscapes, nature images, and continually updated photos free for commercial use.
  16. Foodie Factor: Over 1000 food-related stock photos available via email, free for commercial use. Great for a bakery, restaurant, or small food business!
  17. iStock (British Columbia): 257,100 Photos with the tag “British Columbia”. A great resource for local businesses!
  18. Canva: Since many businesses already use Canva for social media, their stock image resource is very useful and easy! 
  19. Kaboompics: Thousands of images specifically curated for business use! Provides free photos for a variety of industries with a focus on aesthetically pleasing images.