Introducing the Support Local BC

Group Advertising Program

In the September 2023 survey we sent to participating businesses, over half of respondents indicated that marketing and advertising are one of their most significant struggles.

We have a solution! Let’s work together to market the Support Local BC  program as well as individual participating businesses. We’re calling it the Group Advertising Program.

The Support Local BC Group Advertising Program is a collaborative sharing of an advertising budget, strategically designed to empower small businesses, foster stronger relationships, optimize marketing efforts, and collectively thrive in the challenging landscape of traditional and digital marketing. 

Our plan is to launch the program by 1 February 2024.

Major Retailer vc SME
When we work together and pool our resources, we can compete on a larger stage and make great things happen.

How the program works

On average, small businesses in BC allocate between $1,000 and $10,000 per month for marketing and advertising. Here’s how our program works:

With our program, each participating Support Local BC Business contributes just $75 monthly to a Group Advertising Budget.

This pooled budget is then strategically utilized for a variety of “clicks and mortar” advertising solutions, including billboards, radio, television, targeted digital advertising, SEO, Social Media, and the Support Local BC Profile Pages and Consumer App.

The Group Advertising Budget is now:


Where do we advertise your business?

Support Local BC Programs

Support Local businesses Lead Funnel page, Profile pages, and our app.

Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, Meta Ads, and more

Digital Advertising

Targeted Digital Advertising, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media


Connected Digital Screens and Newspapers

Join the program for just $75/month

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This program empowers small businesses to compete with larger retailers by leveraging a shared advertising budget. It helps build stronger relationships and collectively thrive in the digital marketing landscape.

Each participating Support Local BC Business contributes $75 per month to the Group Advertising Budget.

The budget is strategically used for various advertising solutions starting with a Lead Funnel page advertising Support Local BC businesses (with links to the community pages) and specific links to those businesses that are participating in the program. This Lead Funnel page will also direct traffic to the Consumer App with the intention of getting more consumers using the app and looking for local businesses.


If you are participating in the program, your business will have visibility on the Lead Funnel page and will be featured in other specific ads on radio, connected video screens, profiled in social media and part of our rotating “Featured” banners on our pages and Consumer App. The budget will also drive traffic by advertising with: targeted digital advertising, social media posts, search engine optimization, Google display ads, Youtube advertising, and traditional media such as radio, billboards, newspaper and television.

By pooling resources, businesses can access a larger budget, allowing for more extensive and impactful advertising campaigns.

Initially, the program is starting with a $13,500/month budget (approx.. $160,000/year) which will grow with every participating business. As more businesses contribute, we hope to grow this to over $1 M per year for the group to flood the advertising channels in BC with as much information as possible to promote Local Independent Businesses. All advertising dollars will be focused in BC for BC Businesses.

With any marketing tactics, it takes at least 6 months of concerted effort to see results. For that reason, we are asking businesses to sign up for at least 6 months so we can refine our approach and make sure we are reaching the best audience.