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Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge is located in the northeastern section of Greater Vancouver between the Fraser River and the Golden Ears.  Maple Ridge has many unique and  distinct shopping districts made up of boutique shops, antiques, and so much more. Maple Ridge is on its way to becoming the City of Foodies. It offers both small-town charm and big-city flavours at an ever-growing number of places offer dishes made of quality local ingredients. It has become a city with a flourishing bistro culture, gastropubs, breweries, food trucks and quaint cafes. Many gastronomic cultures make an appearance: Italian, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Portuguese, Balkan, and so on. Maple Ridge’s many restaurants and pubs cater to everyone.

Discover how this scenic, forested community next to the Fraser River can renew and refresh your soul. Explore the local history and heritage sites and uncover a deep-rooted past or celebrate with the locals at one of the many festivals and events that happen year-round.

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