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Pitt Meadows

Pitt Meadows is located in the Lower Fraser Valley, sandwiched on the north side of the Fraser River at its junction with the Pitt River on the west and Maple Ridge on the east. 

Pitt Meadows is an agricultural town, with 86% of its land within the BC Agricultural Land Reserve as protected farmland. Pitt Lake is the largest freshwater tidal lake in the world, connected by the Pitt River to the Fraser River. Major agricultural products from the area include cranberry and blueberry farms, horticultural products, greenhouse crops (cut flowers and specialty peppers), grazing, dairy farming, and other farm activities. Agri-tourism is developed in conjunction with agricultural operations. The Meadows Maze, for example, one of the largest corn mazes in the Pacific Northwest is on the Hopcott Farm. Pitt Meadows offers retail shopping on the border with Maple Ridge

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