When you pledge to buy from local businesses, you're investing in your neighbourhood, community and region.

Pledging to buy from local businesses means everyone wins

We'd like to reward you when you make a monetary pledge to support local businesses in your community and across BC. Choose one of the rewards below:

Reward #1

I'd like to choose the VISA debit card

Pay for transactions with your SLBC debit card at participating businesses.

Reward #2

Just give me a shout out on social media

We want to share your support of local businesses with our community - so they can like you as much as we do! We just need to know your social account handle.

Reward #3

Thanks, but I don't need to be rewarded

We appreciate your support of local businesses! Your pledge will be used to help businesses owned by your neighbours, keeping local funds in your community.

Why buying local matters

Did you know that buying an item as simple as bread from a local business in BC has 5 times the economic impact than bread from a multinational company? For every one of your dollars spent on bread, $0.59 is recirculated into the local economy if it is locally made bread bought from a local business, compared to only $0.12 recirculated from Canadian bread bought from a multinational company.

Bread is only one example–clearly, spending your money locally has a huge impact on our local economy and community. Therefore, we encourage you to join us and pledge to buy local to make a 10% shift towards spending your dollars at local businesses.

A 10% shift from the majority of our community would have a huge impact on the BC economy, but most importantly, by pledging to actively shift our spending to local businesses, we transform buying local into a habit for our daily lives.

Why is buying for local businesses beneficial for your community?

When you choose to spend your money locally instead of at multinationals, local businesses have a much bigger impact on the local economy and community as a whole:

  • Local businesses create 4.6 times more impact than multinationals by recirculating $63 of every $100 back into the local economy, compared to just $14 by multinationals
  • Local businesses create 8 times more jobs and revenue per square foot than multinationals
  • Local businesses give 24 times more per dollar of revenue than multinationals, contributing to local causes, fundraisers, sports teams, and event