Our Story

The Good Chocolatier (TGC) handcrafts fine, artisan chocolate with 100% organic, ethically sourced ingredients. With strong environmental and ethical values, their mission is two-fold: to create healthy chocolate while providing employment opportunities for adults with Autism. So, not only does it taste divine, but it’s also loaded with the good stuff, including minerals, vitamins, antioxidants—and good-hearted intentions.

Mara has always been passionate about sustainability and the good & healthy flavours in life. When she learned that social enterprises could make a positive impact in society three-fold and that in a very tasty way, her mission was clear. Laura and Mara took over the existing chocolate business in 2017 and seized the philanthropic opportunity to convert it into a social enterprise. With 6 adults with Autism on payroll and a product that is organic and fully conscientious, they continue to grow TGC's impact and flavours.

1978 W Broadway
    Vancouver, BC


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