Why the switch to Pledge Local, Get Rewarded?

The original Support Local BC gift certificate program was created as a means of instant support during COVID-19 restrictions and shut-downs. As you may know, the digital gift certificate model is cumbersome for businesses to track; which certificates have been used and when. The payment model for this program also consisted of an unsustainable amount of manual, individual processing to match the current demand for SLBC’s services. Additionally, the gift certificates could only be applied in-person, when many independent businesses in BC maintain a strictly online presence.

Thanks to an outstanding level of support from British Columbians, it was necessary to switch to a streamlined support system. Pledge Local, Get Rewarded is more secure, painless, and allows business to track and process payments the same as any other credit payment.

So, with our new program, customers have the option to receive a Visa Debit Reward Card directly from our website, which can be applied to any of our participating businesses in-person or online. It can be used like any other form of payment, allowing instant support to our favorite local businesses. This virtual card (they are not physical cards) can be added to your virtual wallet on any smart device, or applied manually by card number!

This wouldn’t be possible without the amazing community of British Columbians uniting to support their family members, friends, and loved local businesses. It’s onward and upward through boosting the power of small business in BC!

Watch this video to discover how the VISA Debit Reward Card works!

Support Local BC would like to thank Kirstie Tweed of Orange Girl Photography for the great photo of Fernie that we use on the background of our new VISA Debit card. The photo was taken by Kirstie when she was visiting Fernie, and donated for use to Support Local. If you are looking for a local business for photography in Canmore, check out:  www.orangegirl.com